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An independent platform that works for the eradication of poverty, focuses on the rights of the child and brings together and organizes the largest number of women professionals in a mentoring program (individual) tailor-made to mentor underprivileged girls in order to:

  • Promote education, key to autonomy and to improving their quality of life.
  • Restore hope, courage, self-confidence and their ability to make good choices.
  • Engage in the vision of a better future for themselves and their communities.


To be recognized as one of the strongest institutions that advocates for the rights of young girls and who will have contributed to a new generation of girls:

  • with strong values
  • to ambitions without limit to the height of the wealth of our beautiful country
  • key actors in the socio-economic development of the DRC


  • Empathy : The main action of mentoring requires the interest of these ladies who volunteer their time.
  • Integrity : In the whirlwind of value reversals of our society, we must set an example without ever daring to deny loyalty to EA5’s mission and goals.
  • Respect : the social diversity at the base of our association should be an excellent starting point for the exercise of respect for the rights of all and tolerance without inhibiting the importance of developing their critical spirit .
  • Originality : the format designed for this group around 5 people together and, the holistic approach to training covering both education and character training. As well as all the paths chosen for the resolution of inequalities.

Our story

Society is bad. The inversion of values is consecrated, escalated by the media hype that too often sails in indefensible excesses. The flow of images, television, social networks and the Internet, thanks to which globalization is further strengthened, are beyond the control of the school, and parents who have resigned are either overwhelmed by the economic situation or are plunged into traditional preferences and inequalities.

These decadent and revolting images focus the girl’s interest on her body and every possible means of profiting from it, no matter how impudent the actions, this body no longer has any value. Instrumentalized, used and abused according to moods. The effects that this entails are immoral and destabilizing. Young girls are abandoned to themselves, without a model.

Knowing that a good part of these girls “think” that these corrupt ways are the only salvation.

We who have had the good fortune to have parents who have offered us studies and education, who have succeeded today, are naturally concerned about our own careers and, let us pass on to our children all that knowledge that we had the privilege of “learning”.

Joignez-vous à moi sur cette plate forme pour encadrer ces jeunes filles qui n’ont pas eu la même fortune que nous afin de les sortir du cycle de pauvreté, de relever l’image ternie et, contribuer à la formation de jeunes filles responsables qui seront l’honneur de notre société de demain.
Gisele Mudiay T.


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