In the country profile study on gender equality, the gender equality index indicates that the DRC is at the bottom of the list of countries considered, ie 144th out of 148. However, it has been said that no SDG can be achieved without this equality. Priorities are therefore in education. 2/3 of illiterates are women, hence the expression “feminization of poverty”.

Despite the fact that more women are pursuing university studies, they are still absent from the key areas of the economy: these are the stereotypes that we also want to reject.

Inequality is a development challenge. The education of young girls in particular has the greatest impact on the fight against poverty. It is therefore crucial to enable them to develop their potential. They are the future of our society. We have the duty to transmit to them the foundations of knowledge and the vital tools in order to get out of this poverty.

With Ensemble à 5, I am certain we, men and women, can make a difference.


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