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Pour un meilleur avenir pour nos filles

We are an independent platform that focuses on mentoring and educating underprivileged girls and advocates for girls’ rights and the defeminization of poverty. One of our flagship activities brings together and organizes the largest number of women professionals in a tailor-made mentoring program to mentor and support disadvantaged girls.

We know all the divisions of our country, but I think there are times and circumstances when we have to ignore politics and other reasons that divide us. But also, because of our successes, behind which we never stop running (legitimately) and turn our gaze to the immense happiness that each of us has the capacity to bring to these completely destitute girls. This is almost a must because our society is getting worse.


Children’s Rights

Social & Humanitarian

Strategic orientations

Orientations stratégiques


For companies based in the DRC, this could be your share of social responsibility, be our partners and let’s work together to bring practical solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our country. For the rest of the world, thank you for identifying with us and contributing to our approach. Send us an email at ‘partenaires@ensemble-a5.org’ and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities that we could consider together.


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